About Us

Repsun has a dream. ONE DAY, all reps will be made to look and feel equal to retail.

Most professional 1:1 seller.

We also do costom made shoes and provide sample development and sample production to OEMs.

High-end customer service 
As a leading trading company. We offer high-quality merchandise. For the online shopping enthusiasts, to provide fast, convenient and simple shopping entire process.As a major retail, wholesale B2C Internet business platform. We provide buyers with an efficient and manageable procurement process, covering the supply chain and streamline every stage of trade channels.
Our Mission
1. providing our customers with the best quality service, tailored to your industry solutions.
2. to establish a transparent, automatic billing, time-saving shopping e-commerce market.
3. to provide cost-effective trade services, using the latest e-commerce technologies and integrating trade channels.
4. the buyer in the shopping process simplification. At the same time, save a lot of buyers shopping time.
Our advantages
1. Resources and e-commerce in a variety of domestic and foreign trade channels.
2. Advanced search technology that can provide all kinds of information.
3. Unique mode of operation, combining traditional trading channels and Internet channels.
4. We have now introduced, online shopping information security encryption submitted. Support credit card payment online functionality. functionality.Any questions, please contact us!


hi my name is Sun, Most professional 1:1 seller.

We also do costom made shoes and provide sample development and sample production to OEMs. Check my link for more infors.



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Please contact ONLY ONE of our accounts, no need to text all of our accounts at once. You can text us on WhatsApp or WeChat for customer service related issues,  and make sure to follow us on instagram @repsun_official for updates on our stock, what we’re producing, and giveaways etc…



How to order:


It can be intimidating ordering reps for the first time, so we'd like to make the process as transparent as possible.


  • 1.Check our website or Yupoo: http://repsunshop.com for the style and size you would like to order. Send us order number after your order or send us pics of the style, size, and shipping destination. And we will quoted price and send you payment account.


  • 2. You'll usually receive QC (quality check) photos 48 hours normally after payment is confirmed and pls allow us take more time pick pick up good pair for you . For Western Union orders or orders through agents, payment confirmation can take time. Stock shortages will also delay QC(quality check) photos.


  • 3. if satisfied with the pictures(GL), it will be shipped in 2 days.If not satisfied(RL), we will provide another pair until you get satisfied or give full refund.


  • 4. After you GL (green Light) satisfied with QC pics we sent, we will ship in next days. And will send tracking number in 48hrs through whatapp, ins, or wechat.



What is QC

It means quality check pics.


Hello? Why am I not getting a response?

It's nighttime in China and we're asleep. We're working through our messages one by one, and it may take some time to get to yours. We're a very small, rag-tag operation, so we appreciate you guys being so patient with us.


It's been 3 days, why haven't I received QC photos yet?

It's a Chinese holiday such as CNY, and staff are on break. We accumulate a backlog during these periods, so we may also still be working through that. The shoe may not be in stock. This is usually the case after major holidays when the factories suspend operations. We could not confirm payment. This usually happens with Western Union or if you buy through an agent. Sometimes Western Union will tell you we have picked up the order, when in actuality we are unable to do so; in this situation, please contact Western Union and your money will be refunded. If you purchase through an agent, sometimes they will take 24 hours or more to actually pay us, even though they've flagged your order as "paid" in their system.



Shipping Methods: We have DHL, EMS, UPS, ARAMEX, FEDEX and so on. Usually, we choose UPS, DHL and EMS, which is, based on our experience, the fastest and most efficient logistics company.


Due to the coronavirus and intensivecustoms control and screening, the shipping time will be longer than normal this year, This happens to every seller. which directly made your parcel may delayed.


It may take a day or two after shipping for your number to become active. Shipping time is about 7-15 days on average; 


  • For DHL: we first receive a temporary tracking number as the package ships to Hong Kong. This number will not work, so we don't send it to you. Once the package reaches Hong Kong (usually 2-3 days), DHL will send a functional tracking number to your mobile phone. If this does not happen after 3 days, you can contact us for the number.


  • FOR UPS: tracking number will become active after package reach your country(normally take 8-10days)


  • traiangle shipping: For those of you who would rather fully avoid customs, we offer a triangle shipping option. Triangle shipping means that we ship your parcel to our Agent in Europe, who then reships it to you. Packages shipped from within Europe don't get inspected in other european countries like those coming from China. also, we will pay taxes for you before we ship.

Why can't you triple box certain shoes when shipping.

For shoes with larger boxes such as V2s, triple boxing causes the package to exceed the dimension specifications for DHL, bumping shipping calculations into the "volumetric weight" bracket. DHL has a plastic bag that they use to test the size of packages; if it fits in the bag they go by weight, and if not they go by volumetric weight. Going by volumetric weight usually brings the shipping total from 43 USD to 50 USD. This is because volumetric weight is calculated using the formula lengthwidthheight/5000, resulting in a figure much higher than the actual weight of the package. Because of this, we do not double box shoes with larger boxes when shipping via DHL. We have no problem double boxing, however, if the customer accepts the additional shipping charge.


Import fees

We always try to declare the packages under the country’s tax-threshold, if that's possible, but sometimes declaring the package too low means that it will most likely be seized, and hence somtimes we cannot do it.


Where are you based?